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I am trying to get into film school and making short films

I would like to thank all my followers, sometimes i just cannot believe said amount of people follow me. It makes me feel sorta special. Just thanks :)

Also i would like to thank these blogs that i completely love and the people behind these blogs are just the nicest people in the world:

3hall0ws( dani! )

Lunaspudding ( Julia!)

Queenfelton (sydnee!)

Thefeltonarmy ( keeley)

Instantremorse ( brenda )

( ps. i am 65 away from my X-mas goal! ASDFGHJKL <3 -dies- )

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  1. instantremorse said: omg david you have no idea how much i love you
  2. thefeltonarmy said: <3 I love yoou
  3. padfootmagic said: ajhsjhfjhf bby always and forever! x
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